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Eggriculture Foods Ltd. is a listed company on Hong Kong GEM with stock symbol : 8609.

Our Group engaged in production and sale of egg products, primarily in Singapore. We are currently one of the three-layer farms licensed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to produce fresh chicken eggs in Singapore. Our farm occupies 13 hectares of farm land in Singapore. We have about half a million chickens producing an average of 500,000 fresh eggs daily.

Our egg products include (i) fresh chicken eggs; and (ii) processed egg products. We sell our own fresh chicken eggs under the brand of “安安 N&N”. For our pasteurized shell eggs, we sell under the brand of “Egg Story — Pasteurized to kill Salmonella and Bird Flu Virus” with a "P" letter stamped or imprinted on each pasteurized shell egg.

Our Group has been awarded an “A” grade (Excellent) licence to operate a food establishment by the SFA for egg processing and shell egg pasteurization. By attaining the “A” grade licence to operate a food establishment, it proves our Group is capable of providing safe and reliable egg products to our customers. Our Group has also obtained ISO 22000:2018 certification for poultry layer farm, animal feed production, poultry layer farming, production and packing of shell eggs; and FSSC 22000 certification for processing of pasteurized shell eggs, pasteurized liquid eggs, pasteurized soft yolk eggs and pasteurized hard boiled and peeled eggs.

We have established a diversified customer base for our egg products. Our sales channel are supermarkets and minimarts, food and beverage outlets, restaurants, wholesalers and online sales platforms.

Our Vision
To make the best quality egg in Southeast Asia
Our Missions
Produce high quality eggs through innovation and technology
Our Core Values
Centered on people
Environmentally Friendly Farm Practices
Premium Freshness and Product Quality
High Standard of Food Safety

Pasteurization is a century-old process that destroys pathogens through simple heat, and is well-known for its role in making milk and juices safe for consumption. To pasteurize a food means to destroy harmful microorganisms (e.g., bacteria and viruses) by applying a precise amount of heat for a specified period of time. This straightforward food safety technique was invented by French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur in 1864.

Early use of pasteurization for milk prevented life-threatening diseases such as tuberculosis and scarlet fever. Milk pasteurization was widespread in the US by the early 20th century—and this simple, natural process has prevented widespread illness and suffering.

The science for pasteurizing fresh eggs in their shells was developed in the late 1980s, but scaled up commercially only in the last decade. The egg pasteurization process is entirely natural, in that it involves only heat (not chemicals or irradiation). Shell egg pasteurization kills Salmonella bacteria and Bird Flu virus if present inside and outside the eggs. The egg pasteurization process does not cook the egg, protecting the wholesome quality and farm-fresh flavor you enjoy.

Why Pasteurization ?

Eggs are laid in an environment where hens' excretion and airborne bacteria may be present, hence bacteria can be present on egg shells. Bacteria from the environment can enter the egg via the pores on the egg shell if the natural protective layer if breached. Bacteria can also be found INSIDE an egg as bacteria can be passed on to the egg during egg formation if the hen laying the egg is infected by Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) bacteria. A common bacteria found in eggs is SE.

Egg Story eggs are stringently pasteurized with a multi-patented USA technology to kill Salmonella bacteria and Bird Flu Virus if present inside and outside the eggs. Therefore, every member of your family, young or old can indulge in the wholesome goodness of Egg Story eggs cooked any way you like.

Egg Story Pasteurized Fresh Eggs are stringently pasteurized by the Safest Choice® precision-pasteurization process developed by NPE in USA.

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